The Advantages of Dental Implants

The Advantages of Dental Implants

Brooklyn dental implants

If you have lost teeth or are planning to have an extraction, you will need a way to replace the teeth and that is something you do need to be concerned about. Your chewing ability is very important for you to get the right nutrients in your diet. You need all your teeth to do it right.

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a good idea. It is a metal post that is placed into your jawbone in order to support an artificial tooth or teeth or to support an implant denture. It all depends on what you are having done specifically but the implants are all the same. Brooklyn dental implants have many advantages.

First of all, an implanted tooth is just like a real tooth. You never have to remove it like you would dentures or partials. The artificial tooth never gets cavities and it always looks and feels just like a normal tooth. It also allows for bone growth in the jaw, something dentures will not do.

Into the Bone

The bones of your jaw are very important. When you lose teeth, you eventually end up losing bone mass and density in your jaw and that creates a sunken look to the face. It also causes other teeth to shift over time, thus further disrupting your ability to chew.

Implants are put into the bones of your jaws and that will stimulate bone growth and increase the density over time.

Smiling Brightly

When you have dental implants done, you will be able to smile, speak, chew, and sing all as if you still had your natural teeth. It is truly a wonderful thing that you will need to take advantage of as soon as you possibly can. Now is the time to get a brighter and better full smile to show the world every day.